The Great Gatsby costume guide

the-great-gatsby-image03 At the end of last year I attended a Great Gatsby themed bash with a few friends. In the lead up to the event I had to put a lot of thought into what I was going to wear, my hairstyle and my accessories. If you have a party just like this coming up then no doubt you’re going through this exact same process. To help you out I’ve put together a list of items and ideas you may want to take into consideration, plus what I wore myself!

The Dress


This was probably the most difficult decision to make. After a little shopping around I landed on a navy blue, knee length dress with diamante detailing around the middle from Forever New.

I chose it because I thought the sleeveless, high neck was perfect for this 1940s themed event and the diamante belt added that little bit of “sparkle” that the ladies of this time loved so. Here’s an image of me with tired eyes taking a sneaky change-room photo.

IMG_3817Of course there are so many ways to go when it comes to a Gatsby themed dress. Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby movie featuring Leonardo Di Caprio had quite an amazing and authentic wardrobe.

There’s also the flapper look that so many ladies love to dress up in when they hear about a 1940′s themed party. While this is so much fun and a really cute look, it’s actually not all that Gatsby-esque. Flappers were classified on the lower end of the social scale when it came to 1940s aristocracy, where as The Great Gatsby is set around the upper and rich working classes. It’s more about sophistication and glamour than tassles and cigarette holders.

The Jewellery


This was the fun part – getting to choose the bling! I went for statement pieces as a homage to the gorgeous Tiffany and Co. jewellery from the film. I hit up Colette and Lovisa and bought diamante studded earrings, a diamante wrap bracelet and a large, sparkly, cocktail ring. For my necklace I went all out and bought a long necklace with multiple strings of beads, channeling the layered pearl look of the time.

IMG_0641IMG_0643The Shoes

GreatGatsbyShoesHeels were a must and for this part of my wardrobe I searched through all the pairs I owned and settled on something I thought was suitable. I went for a black and white striped pair of Tony Biancos that I bought maaaaaaany years ago.


The Hair

GreatGatsbyhairThis was another fun one to delve into and I used trusty Pinterest to pull together some ideas. I have long hair that reaches down my back and I wanted to do something a little different and exciting. I went for the classic 1940s bob and wanted to finger wave my hair. While the fact that my hair was being tucked under made it a little difficult to finger wave it, I still got a cool, fun look.

My hairdresser used a relaxed crimping technique with a GHD and then used curlers to wrap my hair up and tuck it under my fake bob.

As for the hair piece! I think I had purchased it before I had even bought my dress. I got it from Lovisa and it went across the crown of my head.


The Make Up

great-gatsby-makeupFor my eye make up I decided I wanted a dark look with a bit of sparkle and plowed through all my make up until I found the shades I needed. I went for dark greys and a bright silver to put together this look.

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 5.00.05 PMObviously the sparkly smokey eye might not be your taste so something gold or even natural looking might be more up your alley and suit your look better.

The Final Product

And here is a terrible photo of my entire look because I forgot to actually take a good one. Please note, only one of the champagne glasses was mine!

1426432_10152020693466858_1730074749_nIf you’re looking for more ideas check out my Great Gatsby Pinterest board and flick through the film. There are so many gorgeous looks you can pull off for this theme!

Wogboys Live at Enmore Theatre review

Have I ever mentioned that I am ‘classified’ as a “Greek Australian”? Well if I haven’t then you now know, so naturally a stage show titled “Wogboys Live” starring Nick Giannopoulos would peak my interest.

Having grown up watching Acropolis Now and the Wogboy movies, the stage show was something I was happy to check out. Starring Vince Colosimo, Alex Dimitriades, Frank Lotito and Hollie Andrew by Giannopoulos’s side, it was sure to be a riot.

On Saturday night the Enrmore Theatre was filled to capacity with Greeks, Italians and Australians barking with laughter through much of the show.

The stand out scenes by far were Giannopoulos’s stand up segments. He had the theatre in fits of laughter after each sentence and made a connection on every level. His opener had the crowd cheering as he dressed up as “Petroula”, an old Greek lady trafficking drugs, asked where the Greeks and Italians were and questioned what the Australian audience members were doing there and if they were lost.

Between Giannopoulos’s skits came the actual stage show, which featured the remaining cast members. Vince Colosimo was hilarious reprising his role as Frank and Alex Dimitriades stepped into the shoes of Chris, Petroula’s son who had lost over $40,000 on the pokies and was now indebted to a gangster; his jokes subtle but laugh-worthy. Frank Lotito as the ever annoying Dominic, a 40-year-old Italian man still living with his mother, played his character so well that he was frustrating just to watch. Hollie Andrew played out a substantial undercover police officer while courting Giannopoulos’s character Steve, Chris’s cousin who instigated a cocaine selling venture to help payback the lost cash.

While the staged scenes were a good belly shaker, I felt they dragged on too long, the jokes were much too sexualised and the Wog humour skewed mostly towards Italians. There were moments when I looked at my watch and wondered how much longer it would go for and came to the conclusion that I should have kept a tally of how many times Colosimo pointed to his junk or threw in a hip thrust. I found my self silently begging for more of Giannopoulos’s stand-up, clearly the winner of the evening so far.

Their final scenes of the evening involved a confusing yet funny spoof of the classic Pulp Fiction and showed that Dimitriades was the true talent with his hilarious portrayal of Samuel L. Jackson, black faced with the perfect sideburns. The audience was united when Colosimo fought a fit of laughter and forgot his line while Giannopoulos mimicked Al Pacino with what he confessed was a Greek accent.

They closed out the show with song and dance and pulled off a hilarious rendition of ‘Stuck in the Middle’ in which they made it clear that Australians were very much stuck in this country surrounded by Greeks and Italians.

Overall it was a great laugh, my mouth hurt from smiling and my stomach hurt from convulsing. I wanted to see more of Giannopoulos’s stand up and possibly a little less of Colosimo. I thought Dimitriades deserved a character that could have challenged him a little more but that he was a real hidden talent until the very end.

If you’re Greek, Italian, any type of Wog or even Australian you will want to see this. I guarantee you will feel as though Giannopoulos grew up under the same roof as you, his jokes are THAT spot on.

Book your tickets here:

Salamander Bay and its surrounds

So this week passed I was lucky enough to go on a short holiday with my sister and her little family. We headed up the NSW coast, about 3 hours drive out of Sydney to Salamander Bay (Port Stephens) and stayed at the Oaks Pacific Blue resort which was AH-MAH-ZING.

The drive was pretty chillaxed, it mostly consisted of me sleeping in the back seat with drool leaking down my face and Greek pop tunes blaring out the speakers. We stopped off at Heatherbrae’s for pies and chocolate milk which left me feeling so, so, so ill. Blerg. But the pie was pretty delish! (Steak and mushroom).
We jumped back into the car and drove for about another hour before pulling into the resort (we also stopped for some grocery shopping and those noodle things you use in the pool). The apartment was small but quite perfect and what was even better was that once we stepped off our balcony we were met with waist deep water. WOOT!

imageWe spent our first few days here swimming in the pool, eating and drinking and ventured out for dinner a few times. Our second night here we decided to head down to the local “tavern” and raid the pub menu. I had a pretty delicious “chicken parmigiana”, what else would you have at a pub!?

The next night we headed out to the Nelson Bay Diggers Club about 10-15minutes away from our resort. We ate at the bistro and I had quite a delicious scotch fillet with mushroom sauce, mash potato and the most amazing steamed veggies I have ever eaten (not joking).

image[5]The next day the weather had taken a disappointing turn for the worst! Cloudy and grey and just ewwww. Luckily no rain though! We decided to head out to Nelson Bay again and explore it a little more.

image[9] image[8] image[7]We stopped for lunch at a cafe called Giuseppe’s and I had a very interesting Thai chicken burger that I only managed to get halfway through because of how huge it was!

image[10]By our fifth day the weather was atrocious, spitting rain and all kinds of disturbing things.

image[4] image[3] image[2]We headed to the resort’s restaurant Parko’s for breakfast and a coffee where I found these amazing double walled glasses that I am now bent on one day owning.


We headed out to the shops and bummed around the rest of the day, daring each other to take a swim in the now icy cold pool water. Unfortunately they don’t manually control the temperature of the water, which means sun is needed to heat it up, and without sun there’s just very, very, chilly water!
We also visited Holbert’s Oyster Farm and picked our selves up two dozen oysters and plenty of prawns and had ourselves a little seafood feast on the last night of our stay. Unfortunately I was too busy scoffing the oysters to remember to take a snap of them.

On the final day of our holiday we packed the car, strapped my little nephew in his car seat and started the not-so-long drive home.



NYE shimmer nail art tutorial [VLOG]

Photo on 16-01-14 at 2.17 PMSo around NYE I decided I wanted to get creative with my nail look for the big night. I wanted something sparkly and exciting that was the nail epitome of New Years Eve. So I invented something a little eye catching and posted it up on instagram (


Then I decided I wanted to share how I pulled it off with you!!

Here’s my NYE Shimmer Nail Art Tutorial:


How to get organised on a budget

I’m not sure if I have ever mentioned this, but I am a crazy list maker. Sometimes, I have so many lists that I need to make a list of which list I will do first (I’m not kidding). There are so many fancy diaries, note pads, books and so on out there that want to help you get organised, but sometimes we’re not looking to spend so much on something that a pad of paper can just as easily help us out with. Instead, I’ve put together a few budget options and places you can go to get organised.

Typo –
This is my go-to place for when I need a cheap notebook or journal. They normally have a deal on their notebooks, like 3 for $10 or something, and their notebooks always have the cutest designs. It’s also great for stationary needs as well as bits and bods to help decorate your work space.

Kikki K –
I’m sure you’ve noticed that I loooove this store, mostly because of the organisational pads it has. I’ve got so many, from shopping lists to monthly organisers to meal planners and daily habit trackers. Their pads normally retail for $15 and under depending, their notebooks are normally over this price.

Pinterest –
This is mostly what I want to tell you about. Pinterest is such a fun site to repost photos, share cool ideas and find inspiration for pretty much anything. I have a friend (who I know will be psyched when she sees this post) who is always reposting amazing organisational pins. If you haven’t got Pinterest then head over to, check it out and sign up if you’re willing. My suggestions for search terms are ‘organized life’ and ‘organized desk’ if you’re looking for some work space inspiration. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to those goal notebooks and organisers you’d normally have to pay a small fortune for, then I’d suggest searching ‘organizational printables’. You’ll find some amazing worksheets to help set goals, plan days and start resolutions. I’ve found a few for you to try, click on the images you like and they’ll take you to their Pinterest pages and original sources!

monthly goal tracker todolist weeklyorganiser weeklytodo thelist

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The Pop Up Picnic

popuppicnicI’ve always wanted to go on a really nice picnic with all my friends and plenty of food and drink. I don’t have a picnic hamper, I don’t have a picnic rug and I don’t have the most amazing cooking skills (they’re ok but not great). So scratch all that, instead of me hosting the picnic I’ve found someone who will do it for me!

Pop Up Picnic operates in Brisbane and Sydney and gives you two very exciting choices. You can have your standard picnic with hamper supplied or, you can have a picnic partAAAAy!!

You simply head over to the site, select your city and then choose your desired type of picnic.

The hamper option gives you a few menus to choose from, but firstly you need to decide on how many guests your picnic will have. You can choose from either a 2 person hamper or a 15 person hamper and then you can go into specifics. Do you want your 2 person hamper to be an Antipasto hamper or Perfect Picnic hamper filled with a few extra goodies? Does it need to be Gluten Free, Vegetarian or Vegan?  Do you want to add a bottle of champers to the hamper? Or are you going for a big bash with your 15 peeps and need to choose from the Top Notch, First Class or Brunch hampers?

Each hamper pretty much has the same contents. Your cutlery, plates, cups and picnic rugs are all included, and your food will consist of a few bread rolls, salad, meats, veggies, cheeses, a sweat treat and a bottle of water (depending on which option you go for of course).

The Picnic Parties cater for a crowd of 20 or more and you have a large range of menus to chose from, including BBQ lovers, Burgers and Beers and even a Hen’s hamper. They even suggest some entertainment for your picnic ranging from massages and manicures to sumo suits and acoustic singers.

Pop Up Picnic even suggests some great locations in your city to host your picnics. All you have to do is pop onto the site, choose what you like and send in your booking inquiry. They’ll meet you at your chosen spot on the day of your picnic and set it all up for you! Fun!

Find out more at

Fun party ideas and themes

madhatterpartySo Christmas and NYE have officially passed, which pretty much means that any party you might host from now on will be theme-less. Unless of course, you create one! Here are a few party themes I am busting to put into action and a few ideas to go with them.

Mad Hatter Party
So basically this would be a bit of a high tea type party. I’m thinking lots and lots of tea pots in all shapes, colours and sizes, cake and sandwich stands, bite sized nibblies, a few cupcakes and perhaps even a cocktail or two. Don’t forget hats! Hats will want to be in all shapes and sizes too, my idea has always included those mini hats that your guests can wear tilted on the side of their heads. So cool!

Murder Mystery Party
This would take a bit of research but it would be so much fun! Invite everyone over for nibblies and when they get there they’ll each receive an envelope with their character’s story in them. Then spend your evening solving the ‘whodunnit’! You can actually find professionals who will host these for you, order packs with everything you need online or just make it up yourself.

Hollywood Glamour
I’m not talking current Hollywood glamour, I’m talking 1930′s – 1950′s dress up. Humphrey Bogart, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe. Ask everyone to dress up as their favourite character or actor from back in the day, decorate accordingly and don’t forget to have old-school themed cocktails and nibblies. Those 1940′s champagne glasses have always been my favourites!

Polka Dot Party
This is straight forward right? Everyone dresses up in polka dots! Polka dot decorations, polka dot utensils, polka dot food! If this is a bit much for you, you can always pick one or two mainstream colours and tell people to wear them proud. This is for those of you who really love your colour but don’t want to go theme crazy.


Fun fashion apps you’ll want to try

It is extremely excellent that the Smart Phone has been invented, and that through the touch of a tiny, touch-screen button we can pretty much rule our own personal little worlds. Apps are flying at us from left and right and I bet you have a few favourites that you’re willing to back up in a fight of the Apps. Well here are a few fashion related ones that you may want to throw into the mix, we’re not talking the serious side of fashion, we’re talking fun and helpful Apps to help you get your glam on.

The website is one I’m sure we’re all familiar with, but the app is something some of you might not know about. This is all about seeking and supplying inspiration. Make your own little outfit boards, check out others boards and share them all with your friends. Plus you can even shop for your favourite pieces right from the app.


covetfashionCovet Fashion – The Game
If you want to play a little fashion game then try this out, it’s just like your ideal alternate fashion reality! You get to dress your virtual lady up in a range of designer clothing and share her with the world. You can enter style challenges, compete with your friends and win prizes. Super fun!


Well there’s probably no need to go into too much detail about this one. If you are a lover of online shopping and one of your favourites is ASOS then this is a must. Shop straight from you phone, search for all your favourite pieces and have them delivered to your door in ASOS’s speedy fashion.


This is an awesome app that is super cool and a bit of fun (was that a tripple positive?). If you can never figure out what to wear each day then Pose is here to make your life a whole lot easier. It goes out of its way to check the weather for you and supply you with some great outfit ideas for the day. You can also purchase any of the pieces that Pose suggests to you, follow other savvy fashionistas and save all your favourite outfits for later.


huntThe Hunt
Have you ever seen a perfect clothing piece in a TV show or perhaps in a magazine and could never figure out where it came from? Well this app was created just to help you find that prized piece. It brings together a community of shoppers who work together to help each other find those pieces without tags, plus you can also give and receive some great styling tips and check out what’s trending.

How to improve your posture

postureOne of the things I’m hell bent on working on this year is my posture. I don’t know about you but I constantly find myself slumping forward, shoulders sagging and a giant hunchback in the works. One of my grandmothers had a bit of a scary hunchback so naturally I’m worried that I’m headed in that direction. So here’s a bit of information I manged to pull together on posture and how to improve it.

If you’re not sure whether you’re a victim of poor posture then take a moment to examine yourself. Are your shoulders rounded and leaning a little forward? Do you keep your knees bent when you’re standing? Do you constantly fight off headaches? Do you suffer from back pain? Do you find that your belly sticks out a little too far unless you suck it in and straighten yourself up?

If you have most of these issues then you’re possibly a victim of poor posture. So how can you improve it?

Something I have been doing a lot lately is trying to be extremely aware of my body at all times, this is really just something that is working for me personally. But I find that dry body brushing before a shower, and meditating in the mornings helps me to connect with my body and gives me greater awareness of what’s happening with it throughout the day. The second I realise I’m slumping forward I quickly straighten up and make a mental note to stay on top of it, but do keep in mind that this all happens because my muscles are a little lazy, and exercise is a great way to strengthen them back up again.

Of course this is not something that works for everyone, there are many more effective ways to deal with your posture. Since I’m no expert, I’ve turned to a great source of information to help give us some tips.

The Better Health Channel suggests:

Remember the rule of ‘curve reversal’ – for example, if you’ve been leaning over your desk, stretch back the other way.

Perform stretching exercises two or three times a week to boost muscle flexibility.

Exercise regularly to improve muscle strength and tone.

Stretch your neck muscles regularly by turning your head from one side to another.

Your abdominal muscles support your lower back, so make sure they are in good condition. Do ‘abdominal crunches’ (lie on your back and curl your ribcage and pelvis as close together as possible) rather than straight-backed sit-ups (which exercise the muscles of the hips and thighs).

Avoid standing on one foot for long periods of time.

Avoid sitting in soft, squashy chairs.

Use lumbar rolls to support your lower back when sitting in regular chairs or driving the car.

Switch to ergonomic chairs in the office or for any activity that requires you to sit for long periods of time.

Make sure your mattress is supportive enough to keep your spine straight when lying on your side.

Use a pillow that supports your neck.

Keep your back straight and use your thigh muscles when lifting heavy weights.

Cross your legs at the ankle, rather than the knee.